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About us


Salook is Sufi resource, research and training centre which engages spiritual leaders and people into activities for safeguarding, preserving and promoting the indigenous cultural wisdom and practices to protect humanity’s common heritage of peace, harmony and tolerance. In other words, Salook aims at bringing people to fountains of peace and translating inner peace into outer practices.
Salook was founded by Peer Syed Mudassir Nazar Shah ,and inaugurated in June 2014 by Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony and from its very inception, it is taking small but firm steps to discuss, understand and to create a common ground for society in the face of the scourge of militancy and violent conflicts, Salook is brining about teachings, anecdotes and stories of saints and sages of the world great religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Budhism and Islam to inspire humanity and make it a single human family again.

Salook Sufi Council

As Salook is working to achieve its objective of translating inner peace into outer peace, it main strength is Salook Sufi Council (SSC), group of Sufi/Spiritual leaders, living in many parts of world, who believe that Sufi message and practices of universal love, can help us resolve conflicts. So, SCC is, basically, a group of Spiritual Leaders of Tomorrow (SLOTs) who are raising their voice on inclusive education, peace building, human rights, interfaith & intra-faith harmony, gender equality, cultural diversity, conflict resolution, health and livelihood as common issues faced by humanity all over the world.


Salook Council of Imams

Seeing that Imams, the leaders in congregational prayers, have great influence on their respective societies and they can use their powers to bring positive change, Salook has formed a Council of Imams (COIs). COIs consist of Imams who are sincere to the idea of peace and they believe that central message of every religion was bringing different groups of single human family together.As an integral part of Salook, COIs work to influence common people who seek their Imam’s guidance in their every day matters and especially on the issues which can turn into violent conflicts if they are not addressed timely.


Salook Council of Scholars

Counil of Scholars is a network of scholars who are independent researchers and peace builders and who believe that inner core of every religion (Sufism/Mysticism) has power to unite different groups of human family. These scholars, while working independently, have reached the above conclusion and now they are working with Salook as members of its advisory board.
COS make an indispensable part of Salook, as with its guidance and foresight, Salook makes future policies and designs action plans.


Salook Council of Veterans

Through Salook mainly works with and enhances capacity of Spiritual Leaders of Tomorrow (SLOT), COVs is there as a body of veterans to share its experiences and inspire new leaders with their experiences and wisdom. Mainly, the COVs is a group of seasoned spiritual leaders, who are in the after noon of their age, and who believe in the nobility of Salook’s vision and mission.