Syed Aaizuddin Faiz Gilani : Phularwan, Pakistan

->->Syed Aaizuddin Faiz Gilani : Phularwan, Pakistan

Syed Aaizuddin Faiz Gilani : Phularwan, Pakistan

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Dr. Syed Aaizuddin Muhamnad Faiz Algilani , hails from an Iraqi-Pakistani family .He is the eldest son of Pir AlSyed Faizullah Shujah Algilani Ibn AlSyed Yousaf Mehmood Algilani AlBaghdadi ( pir of wana ), A Sufi sheikh of Tariqa Al-Qadiriyya.

AlGilani is 32nd in lineage to the Holly Prophet Muhammad´Ě║ through Sayyidina Hasan Al-Mujtaba (A.S) and 19th descendent of Sheikh Syed Abdulqadir Aljilani from the house of Sayyidina Abdulrazzaq.

He started his education in a very trained and educated Sufi environment , after Hifdh Al-Quran and basic education he went abroad and graduated with a degree of Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) . He is currently pursuing further education in the field of Medicine along with practically learning the ways of tasawwuf . Chairman of Bait Fayzi foundation

Phularwan, Pakistan